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C-Scope Duct Sonde 33kHz YIRSD-33

C-Scope Duct Sonde 33kHz YIRSD-33

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The C.Scope 33KHz Duct Sonde is a small battery powered transmitter which can be screwed onto the end of a duct rod and inserted and fed into a a duct or conduit. The direction of the duct or conduit can then be traced by a C.Scope locator set to Generator/ Transmitter Mode. The location of a blockage can be identified using this system with enormous cost saving potential.

Often the standard sized Sonde is too large to pass between cables when tracing electrical, telecommunication or cable conduits or ducts. The solution is the C.Scope 33kHz Duct Sonde. The small diameter Duct Sonde, developed in conjunction with British Telecom, can be fed easily inside ducting without snagging.

Product Name
Duct Sonde 33kHz

Part No.

Waterproof, robust plastic, O Ring battery compartment seal, stainless steel end fittings.

Operating frequency
32,768Hz continuous.

3.5 – 4.5 metres dependant on Locator.

24mm diameter.
200mm length.

Standard rod thread (3/4″ Whitworth 10 T.P.I.), female connector at one end.

1 x AAA (IEC type LR03) Alkaline typically giving up to 20 hours intermittent use at 20C.
Battery low indicated by pulsed 32,768Hz signal.