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Broughton MCe6.0 Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Mobile 6Kw/19000Btu 240V~50Hz

Broughton MCe6.0 Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Mobile 6Kw/19000Btu 240V~50Hz

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This deceptively powerful monoblock unit utilizes Broughton’s unique airflow delivery system to power the exhaust air along up to 10m of narrow 150mm diameter ducting. Not only does this make the ducting much more manageable and easy to store, it also allows the unit to be sited up to 10m away from the warm air exhaust point. The cold air side also uses the same airflow technology, allowing a single unit to cool two area’s at the same time with the option to extend the ducting.

The dual outlets included as standard give the unit directional airflow as they can be positioned for maximum cooling effect. All new for this year is the digital thermostat that allows the user to set the desired temperature and sit back while the unit maintains it. Ideal for use either as a spot cooler or to help regulate temperatures wherever the need arises, the MCe6.0 is a fully portable powerhouse that ticks the environmental boxes.

  • Nominal duty 6.5kW
  • Nominal Running Current 8A
  • Digital thermostatic control
  • Exhaust up to 10m
  • Lockable castors
  • High efficiency EC fan technology
  • Evaporator Airflow (max) 1,198m³
  • Condenser Airflow (max) 1,200m³
  • Supply 13A 230v
  • Typical Cooled Area 150m³
  • Cooling Ducting 2x150mm
  • Exhaust Ducting 150mm
  • Weight 92kg
  • Dimensions 1086x526x774mm (Including spigot)
  • Operating range 21°c-35°c
  • IP Rating IP2X
  • Noise 65dB
  • Low GWP R454C Refrigerant